The Hidden One סְתֵּר

Wide irises soft as stardust
Scented with lemon and myrtle
Nestled in billowing tents
Skies torn apart by storms
‘Hadassah’…‘hidden one’…
My mother’s tears, sorrowing
Sensing from the start I was born
Far beyond her grasp, called away
Led afar, my beauty purchased
Lost in a household of strangers
Perfumed for a Persian king
I was to replace his wife, a betrayer of
His decrees. His wishes. His will.
‘Esther’… ‘star’, he whispered
Coal fire eyes burning into my soul
A queen of secrets, little did he know
A Jewess, bright jewel, hidden by G_d
And in the land, darkness, spun from hell
A whirlwind of hatred for my people
Dooming my nation, my heritage
I wept and fasted three days
And risking all appeared before the king
Who had not called me for many days
“If I perish…I perish…” I prayed
Reaching out, voice low, I knelt
Before the Great Ahasuerus, and knew
His eyes. His voice. His love.
Esther, Hadassah, the hidden one
An honoured bride, a wife free
To arise with her king and declare
Deliverance…for my true beloved…Israel.

Copyright S. Michaels 2010 (Based on the Book of Esther, an excerpt from Divine Destinies: Poetic Portraits of Powerful Bible Women) Above image from ‘One Night with the King‘ (2006)

(Author’s note: Only 10 of my poetic portraits of Bible Women are shared on this blog. Esther is one of my favorites…The remaining women will be revealed with release of the book!  🙂 

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