“When I consider the heavens…” Psalm 8:3

It’s amazing to consider space, I mean to really think about it. Space has captivated me since I was a kid.  I will never forget my Dad’s galloping glee as he tugged the whole kit and kaboodle of his family outdoors on many an autumn night to observe meteor showers blazing across prairie skies. We learned about strange and fascinating clusters of stars and constellations – Cassiopeia, The Big Bear and Little Bear, Orion. We were amazed to know we could observe whole distant galaxies like Andromeda, visible without a telescope.  I liked ‘space’ movies too and I was a ‘Trekkie’ long before the term was born. I loved to dream about space adventures. In a way, space puts us in our place and keeps us standing in awe like ‘forever kids’.

Take the news this month from Berkeley’s space lab about the new super nova (exploding star) visible for the next few weeks. Incredible to think scientists can actually measure a super nova’s light to determine how fast the universe is expanding (faster and faster, apparently!) Measuring space and time – what a job. Mind-boggling to also think that Berkeley’s scientists surmise that the light we see as the exploding super nova actually left its source 21 million years ago.  Considering the heavens gets you thinking…about space…and time.

Maybe that’s the whole point. Consider.

(Dictionary meaning: kuhn-sid-er : think about, ponder, believe, pay attention to)

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