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Keel Hauled

Originally posted on Adrian G. R. Scott | Poet | Writer | Photographer | {A Poet's Faith }:

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If you haven’t been
keel hauled by life,
then you’re not living.
You have been
getting the message
all your life,
the ascent of spring,
the long dark of winter.

Yet for many it is
hidden in plain sight.
Your ordinary life is a
drama, wearing the
masks you see at the
theatre: weeping and
laughing,exits and
and comedy. Then
there is the hot leap
of love and the
blunt fact of death.

The key is to remain
in touch with your
soul – and by soul
I mean the sense
that you are here
for a reason, that
you are meant to
be alive. That there
is a you, a river bed
to the daily flood
that just is. So when
you gaze in at the
windows of your
childhood home,
catching glimpses
of your inescapable
losses, welcome
their hungry faces
waiting to be recast

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