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In Kathmandhu


Serenity of the heart
Evasive as the slivered moon
Stringed notes on thin air
Falling in lost uneven chords
Falling as tears, as thunder
Rumbling skies over Ranipokhari
Like the time the elephant trampled
Even now, as Sashulyi listened
Her whole life a drumbeat
Echoed across the still pond
In search of something more


©2015 S. Michaels
Silk Roads

image: wikipedia.org

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At Kilimanjaro

Adisa the traveler awoke
In the curl of the tent
Gasping at a steaming dawn
All civilization in chorus
Great lumbering gentle creatures
Vast plains, grasses, pines, cedars
All fragrant, earthy, & longing for rain
Adisa, had been named ‘the lucid one’
Yet only now was everything clear
As if only in this place Time
Could open his eyes to see
Standing him still as the mountain
His journey just begun


©2015 S. Michaels
Silk Roads
image: travelhdwallpapers.com


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