If only…


Winds chase autumn leaves
She’s stuck at a bus stop
The usual derelicts pass by
Asking for a hand out
She has nothing to give
But somewhere laughter lifts
Takes her to another place
A little richer than today
When love wasn’t hard to find

Making room now for the stroller
WalMart bags & stale fries
She whispers to her baby boy

Where’d you come from anyhow?
His child eyes ask a billion questions
“Don’t sleep yet!” she sighs

Texting words into outer space
Who knows when they last ate
But she dreams of tucking him in
Somewhere clean, warm, and good
In a world much less than perfect
Nothing matters whenever he smiles
As long as they’re together
She sings her lullabys

And asks her angel child
Where’d you come from anyhow?
His eyelids shut out a million secrets
“Please don’t sleep yet!” she pleads

Some day our dreams may come
Riding on a star or a prayer
If only, she believes
If only, we’d know when

Oh, baby, baby mine
I love you, I always will

© 2013 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

City Skin

City skin, closes in
An otherworldly place
Ruled by powers unseen
By spangled smiling divas
And cool moneyed moguls
Bejewelled by spiralling condos
Washed by tides of humanity
As taxi cabs scoop up fares
And cold streets stare opalescent
Hardwired shops ooze theatre faces
Glaring & offering up all & nothing

It is unfortunate this is how things are.

For Abhilasha, an alien worker
Tomorrow shall be the same-old
She is who she is also, a shop clerk
Adrift & leaving another late shift
Making ends meet, she regrets she barked
Again today & all day at hapless strangers
Coming in & forever unable to find
Whatever it is they thought they wanted

And yet, she seeks only peace.

Above the subway’s screech & whine
Beyond glittering tattooed windows
In a city holding her at a distance
Something keeps her in its grip
No illusions, but she dreams bravely
Envisions herself pulling away a mask
To expose a city longing to be loved

©2012 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

Gotta Love

Gotta love
Those clear days
When seeing forever
Colors everywhere
Run deeper
Than still
And unfold
Remain unspoken
Dreams awaken
As falling stars
Big prayers
Get whispered
In childlike faith

Gotta love
Believing for
Knowing storms pass
Finding rainbows
Risking love
Knowing who you are
Knowing you belong
And what counts
Nothing to do
About ‘surfaces’
Or keeping up
Vain appearances

Gotta love
Life getting real
True to ‘you’
And most of all
with God
In life’s
Reflecting pools
Of grace unbound

Gotta love how
Freedom rides long
And lets you dream
And laugh
And live
Out loud.

© 2012 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

Cardboard Memo

Rain washes clean

Morning sidewalks

No breakfast dishes

No rinse cycles

Here, where the girl

In the ratty parka sleeps

Hour after hour

Hope took a vacation

The mangy mutt

Heinz 57,  her only friend

Gone. An empty plastic dish.

There’s a homemade sign

Laying flat and abandoned

Middle of the sidewalk

The only evidence

Anyone was here

Green ink blurred

Everywhere, cold tears

On dark pavement

Heartbreak city’s

Cardboard memo reads:

Anyone got any

$$$ for food???

Some say she was called


©2012 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

Out from Under

Eastern city’s neon  

Glared and charmed

Its way into his soul

He was a lightning bug

Stuck inside a jar

And found it strange

A starless metropolis

Subway cars rattling

Ripping up tracks

Some days he wished

For a clean getaway

Diving into the blue

Off the hometown dock

Until he heard her music

Floating free and clear

On the southbound platform

Cello notes hauntingly lovely

Her focus sharp, practising

In sandwiched crowds

He heard symphonies

He’d never heard

And out of the underground

In brilliant light of day

Finding her there in the dark

Lit a spark of belonging

Looking ahead, not back

© 2012 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook