Lone Star

Strange borders to cross
a boy born after he left
she’d raised him alone

©S. Michaels 2020
Everlast – Land of Light/ Flash Fiction Haiku 5-7-5



“And the most remarkable part of the journey is the difficult and narrow places interspersed with God’s extraordinary providence and intervention.”


Sunday Thoughts
©️L.B. Cowman
from ‘Streams in
the Desert’; Image: Pinterest.ca

An Angel for America

Here’s a new page that I added to my blog today that tells a story about my longtime love as a Canadian for my American neighbours to the south…many of whom have been wonderful friends and visitors to LightRoom. My gratitude and thanks always to Patriots and truth seekers everywhere.

Special thanks to Kimberly and Alberto Rivera for their musical artistry and worshipful rendition of this classical anthem, including their prayers for angelic protection over the USA…



For my dear fellow faith writer..Susan Irene Fox….who first visited at this post on LightRoom in 2014, and now has too soon journeyed onward to far brighter shores… and a place of endless love. Susan, you will be forever and greatly missed…💕👑💖


Cool air my blanket
I soar like a bird
I rise on the sun

(Worship – Come as you are (Crowder)


© 2017 S. Michaels
New Fangled | Demi-Tanka

Image: pinterest.com