Bright Morning Star

Bright Morning Star, Bright Evening Light
One and the same, Star of Day, Star of Night

Great Star foretelling Earth’s sweetest seasons
Winter storms soft, Summer storms fleeting

Bright Star of Evening, Bright Star of Dawn
Harbinger of mysteries, Wandering Star of Kings

O Glory Star, O Illuminating Wonder Star
O Brightest Star of Stars, O Shekinah Star

Bright Morning Star, Bright Evening Star
Unfolding to us heaven’s richest holy gift

O Star of David forever bright, O Promised One!
Fountain of Life, In Your Light we see light


© 2011 S. Michaels, Knowing Every Acre
References: Psalm 36:9, Revelation 22:16


Out of valleys, Valleys of tears, Valleys of fears Valleys of years

Lead, O Lord

Out of waters,  Waters of grace,  Waters of mercy, Waters of rebirth

Empower, O Lord

Upon high mountains, Mountains of faith, Mountains of peace, Mountains of praise

Mountains of glory

Stand me, O Lord

© 2011  S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre

Alizarin Suite

Star-like notes


Sing sacrosanct

Above evergreens

Crimson deep


Cold seasons radiant

Reflects cranberry,

Alizarin, poinsettia

In icy windows


Wears quiet red


Sanctuary of the heart


Darkening days bright

© 2011 S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre

Author’s note: Alizarin, to painters, is an ingredient for madder lake pigments of crimson hue. The ancient source of alizarin was derived from the root of an evergreen plant in India with a starlike leaf structure 

Bere-syt – בְּרֵאשִׁית‎

Before universes sang
White lilies danced
Where icy seas parted
Divine symphonics rang
Life book pages drew
Angel’s wings in storms
Sunrises on date palms
Riverbeds and fractals
Creating with abandon
Laughing as a father
Holding his first born
Time clothed eternity
In a blanket of stars
In the beginning…

©  2011 S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre

Author’s note: Bere-syt is Hebrew, meaning, “in the beginning”. The Greek word, “Genesis” is derived from bere-syt. References: Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse 6John1:1-3; Luke1:31-33Colossians 1:17, Revelation 1:8 and John 8:58.

December Notes

Tags sparkling on velvet
Chartreuse taffeta pillows

Broad bows brushed
Pine cones. Branches

Cornucopias. Music notes
Boxes, scissors, everywhere

Evergreen garlands
Bowls of golden pears

Treasures wrapped
Bearing insignias

a dove, heart
a rose, a cross
a bird’s feather…

Placed with care
Adorning ornaments
A compass, a star

Christmas sentinels

Wondrous. Waiting.

© 2011 S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre