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grassy slope, picstopin.com
I’ve taken Earth to task
On wind-tossed hills
Eruptions, losses, turnings
All stirring railing questions
As if by own own reason
Resolving shifting landscapes.
More recently I’ve observed
Earth up close & personal
Taking in each line & shadow
Each echoing sound & chance
To hear a redemptive song
In the long restless dance
Of seasons coming & going
At rest, or arrested purely
At the wonder of being here.

© 2014 S. Michaels

image: grassy slope, picstopin.com

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Winding Road

Rainy highway, northerneast Scotland
Glassy reflective hills
Places I have known
Tender dream roads
Rippled by rain
Rivers winding on
Less-traveled places
Highways of my soul
Reminding me all’s not lost
For whenever I return
To where my heart belongs
I remember I am home

© 2014 S. Michaels

image: 2008 Highland roads, S. Michaels


Spring Break

Small signs of change
Slow-going growth
Early violets and shoots
Buried knee deep in snow
Reminders of winter’s weight
And old fences needing paint
As sunlight sifts and drifts
Rainbows sprouting underfoot
Dyes, eggs and bright Easter tables
Green blades pushing through
Shaking a sputtering Earth awake

©  2014 S. Michaels

image: desktopwallpapers4.me

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Escarpments talk
Racing rivers lift me
At unclaimed windows
I view untouched wilds
Holding me too close
I stand on mountains
Silent as a stone
Taller than dreams

© 2014 S. Michaels

image: coolhdwallpapers.org

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Citrine snow mounds
like fool’s gold
steel blades flashing
circling loops and crazy eights
winter’s dry hacks muffled
lungs expanding, refilling
reconnoitering with sun
unequivocal, we swoop
scoring, taking a chance
the ice will hold
until we are done

© 2014 S. Michaels

image: hdwallpapers.com