Life. Liberty. Renewal.

September 11 – Ten years after. I spent quite a bit of time this week watching indepth news documentaries. Documentaries about 9/11.  Somehow 9/11 continues to resound in our lives with thousands of messages, memories, and images. 9/11 is not history. 9/11 is present. Its impact lingers deeply in our collective conscience as a global community. The ripple effect of 9/11 leaves us remembering…the courage of so many…the pain of thousands of lives lost…

And we all remember where we were…

I’m Canadian. I was at a  ‘girls’ weekend, a getaway with my sisters at a cottage near one of Canada’s most breathtakingly beautiful national parks. As always, my older sister had everything well-organized – a grilled salmon dinner, hot breakfast rolls, a long hike, a popular bookstore/coffee shop to drop in on…And even a ‘rainy day’ activity. Rainy day…what?? The weather was gorgeous! But we did the craft…it was my sister’s gift to us… an ‘angel’ kit. We hadn’t done a craft of any kind together since we were kids. Assembling and painting our folk art angels,  I found myself somehow styling a stars and stripes theme on my angel’s green gown. Later as we collected stones along a quiet stretch of beach, my sister took photos. She captured an unusal evening sky. I still have the photo. It features a horizon split clean in half vertically — an odd trick of light, almost a cross-like shape in the sun’s glow, and a shimmer of bright sky to the northwest —and blackness to the southeast.

Two short days later. Darkness vs. light. The world was split apart by unthinkable terror. Many of us prayed, angels on duty. A short while later, reading my Bible, a verse pierced my soul—“In the day of great disaster…when the towers fall…streams of water will flow…” Isaiah 30:25

Today… ten years past 9/11, I watched TV footage of the memorial about to open officially at the base of where the twin towers once stood. The memorial bears the names of every life lost that terrible day. The names of those commemorated are embedded in bronze and surrounded by…watera perpetual fountain. Life. Liberty. Renewal. Beyond 9/11.

God bless America.

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