The Other Side of Somewhere

Every now and then
When the whip-poor-will calls
We trace lazy days back
Flying westward as the sun

A train whistle blows
As we trail along rusty tracks
Our day’s journey set
We tear down washboard roads

Very soon our limbs feel spry
As we leap into cool creeks
The picnic basket’s full
And watermelon rinds sweet

We laugh and eat and splash
As towels dry in the sun
We know we’ve just got started
And our day has just begun

We sit and sit around campfires red
Reluctant to let old stories end
Then toast our marshmallows black
To watch them blaze and flare

Time always holds us close here
Somehow it hates to let us go
So here’s where we keep coming back
To this happy place we know

It’s a mystery strange to me
No matter where roads lead
We seem to end up returning here
To the other side of Somewhere

(That’s what we call it anyhow
And best that I can tell so far
Or as far as any body knows…)
The places that we all love best
Are often close to home

© 2012 S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings


One thought on “The Other Side of Somewhere

  1. this is my favorite part: “Then sit and sit at campfires red
    Reluctant to let old stories end
    Time holds us captive here
    Time hates to let us go
    And so we keep returning
    To these places long familiar
    It’s all part of a mystery
    How we end up going back
    On road that lead us home again
    The other side of Somewhere”
    Won’t heaven be wondrous~when stories will never again have to end and the road that led us home again keeps us home with Him. Beautiful poem. loved it.


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