Why Hold Back?

My sweetness and peace are yours
Do you not realize this even now?
Why have you held back your praises?
The river of My forever blessings flows
On and on…only dip in your cup to drink!
Receive My glorious New Creation by faith!
Do not strive or be troubled of heart
Neither be impatient or distracted
The things of this world are passing
But the Lord your God remains everlasting
I am your God always and you are Mine
I am Jehovah Jireh, forever your Provider
No good thing will I withhold from you
As you walk blamelessly by grace, I rejoice!
I shall forever apportion out sweetness
A good measure even now is poured out!
My promises are healing and sweeter than honey
Arise…and release your praises!
Give great thanks to your God who restores
For as you step out in faith and praise
I shall replenish all that’s been lost
Every promise I have given is already yours
Stand fast upon the solid ground I’ve given
You have not been overlooked a single moment
Oh, dare to enjoy My rivers of refreshing now!
And taste of My forever goodness

2012 S. Michaels
Words From God’s Heart

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