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Unlikely Heroes

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Everybody loves a hero.

Nations hope for heroes to arise in political arenas. We rely on heroic individuals to help in times of disaster. We count on heroes to raise up cries for freedom from oppression, greed, and inequity. Human nature resists cowardice. History proclaims our necessity and our longing for heroes. Many of our real life heroes are people we may not hear of in history books. They are unlikely heroes.

Founder of the U.S. Dream Academy and renowned motivational speaker, vocal artist, and pastor, Wintley Phipps, powerfully describes heroes who many years ago were chained in ships bound for America from Africa. Those heroes chanting songs poured out in sorrow inspired one of the greatest spiritual hymns of all time – Amazing Grace. John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace was the captain of a slave ship before he became a Christian.  Wintley’s rendition of this story is recounted in a YouTube video and has received to-date over 7 million hits and an excellent quality video is posted here – Wintley Phipps – the history of Amazing Grace

Heroes are often found in broken places not towering near the pinnacle of success. Consider a child battling cancer who teaches you more about faith than you could ever imagine. Or a single parent raising a family on a limited income against impossible odds. And the lone widow giving her last dollar to help out someone in need. Real heroes teach us to be an example, to respect life and others, and to take nothing for granted. They teach us true courage…and faith…even in and perhaps especially during…our darkest hours. Consider the unlikely heroes around you today. And thank God for them.

Copyright 2011 S. Michaels

From Notebook: What Have You Got To Lose?

p.s.  special thanks to two wonderful friends, writers, and heroes in my life  – Laurice D., and Lori G.  You are awesome people and a gift to me.

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