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Heaven split atoms
Estranged us, broke us
Tore us apart in a way
We could never repair
Too alone, too alike
Our too-young hearts
In rain-soaked nights
When you called
It was as if you’d refused
As if you dared believe
You held the universe
And dreams to carry us
Somewhere we belonged
Doors no longer slammed
Shut. And now. Suddenly
You’ve gone. Too soon.
In a meteor-blaze
And in a room, I hear a song
From way back when
Playing, as it did then
In the green of life
Deep as an ocean
Reminding me how you’d say
Always, and so certain
This is not goodbye

© 2014 S. Michaels
(for Michael Thomas Sposito (1957-2014)
Light Years

Songs in memorium: (Roger Hodgson -1979) Even in the Quietest Moments, Give a Little Bit – Take the Long Way Home

image: Starry Night, hdwallpapersx.com



terrace-with-a-mountain-view-11754As if every door
Had yet to open
Lone suns had set
On lost years

The mad world
Spinning wildly
While she stood
Had always stood
Her faith ground.

Being struck
By all sorts of things
That mattered

She believed, a curl
of an ocean wave, a child’s hand
Held fast in trust, in hope

Were one and the same

A jagged range of hills

A distant star

In the long haul
these mattered more

Than many things

She believed, she knew
By observing long

So many little things

She had captured
Necessary meaning

And desert nights
Had deposited her

In some better place

Walking in light

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

image: wallconvert.com


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