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Liquid laughter

Originally posted on Rhythms of Grace:


Slow evolution.

Laughter, so purely happy,


Like a different language.

A soprano quality,

More joyful,

Pure and clear.

And my reflection

Seemed like a stranger

A stranger that was


Smiling and laughing.

And my head tilted


Winking at the

Creator of

The smile,

The Creator of

The laughter.

The smile got wider

And the laughter

Became liquid

And fell from

My eyes.

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Hanging Around… Upside Down….

Originally posted on TonyParsley@OhioNature:

Really got a kick out of watching this nuthatch enjoy his Christmas feeder treatDawes 2014.12.22 163 - Copy - Copy

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Bus’ ted


So someone axe’d

Me one fine day

Bill, how cum u never
Go to church?
Least, I never
Seen you there

i figure that’s

Kinda personal

But i smiles at him

“i do. 6 days a week”

So the guy looks

At me like

i lost my marbles

i smiles back & sez

“Inner city bus.”

Toll him i travel…

All the time, ain’t seen
No offerin’ plates
No preachers
Just a ton of
broken folks with
no $ for basics
enough to break
yer heart a hundred
thousand times over
No end to prayer

Strange, i got nuthin’

Against church-going

Figure i was busted

Flat. But that guy

For sum reason

he’s never axe’d

me agin about

my church goin’


© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: free wall papers by Inner Graffik


Equinox 2


Shortest days

Deepest freeze

Sundogs arc

Sandman sleeps


© 2014 S. Michaels
Open Windows - Haiku

image: hdw.eweb4.com



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