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terrace-with-a-mountain-view-11754As if every door
Had yet to open
Lone suns had set
On lost years

The mad world
Spinning wildly
While she stood
Had always stood
Her faith ground.

Being struck
By all sorts of things
That mattered

She believed, a curl
of an ocean wave, a child’s hand
Held fast in trust, in hope

Were one and the same

A jagged range of hills

A distant star

In the long haul
these mattered more

Than many things

She believed, she knew
By observing long

So many little things

She had captured
Necessary meaning

And desert nights
Had deposited her

In some better place

Walking in light

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

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Nature’s Garden By the Sea

Originally posted on Sanctuary Gardener:

While I was in Rhode Island last week, I visited my favorite place in the whole world – Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI. I absolutely love sitting on the rocks, watching the waves crash upon the shore, and listening to the sea gulls. I also love looking at all the wild flowers and plants there that thrive in the salty air. Come take a look.

It was a beautiful day – perfect temperature, perfect breeze, perfect place. When we first arrived, the last of the morning fog was burning off. Here’s a photo I took of the lighthouse while I was standing on the rocks.

Beavertail Lighthouse in fog

Beavertail Lighthouse in fog

As you can see, wild flowers and plants grow above the rocks, and even among them, like this chicory.



I also discovered pale yellow wild radish flowers.

Wild radish flowers

Wild radish flowers

Above the rocks, there were a myriad of marsh roses…

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