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Word(s) . Light . Life

The Life…

We’ve come a long way together, you and I

Through deserts stark and scorching
and places dry as dust

We’ve journeyed on and on

Faith, hope and love were our compass guide,
grace was My shelter for you

Many sorrows sprang up along the way
and the tears you cried seemed enough to fill a river

Yes, we’ve come a great distance together, you and I…
And though you may be tired, you will be refreshed
It is time to journey on further, yet we journey now
from a place of joyful strength, commitment and True Love

I have painted the Way ahead with brilliant hues,
and vistas so broad and high and deep
it will take your breath away!

And then you and I will just laugh
at the wonder of it all

Welcome, my friend, unto True Life
The desert way is behind you
I have dammed up your tears and they will no longer be
a reflection of sorrows, but a source of power

It is time to experience the great catch of fish,
as My disciples did and to know My all-sufficient goodness
and to enter in…to the Life you’ve been waiting for

xo forever, Jesus

(word from the Lord, 2002)

S. Michaels 2017 Author’s note: How many of you know that listening to God is like catching the flow of a river, a spontaneous, sparkling rush of words in our hearts, that connects us to the Creator of all things, who loves to speak with us. This word seemed timely when I wrote it, yet seems far more so today. That’s one of the mysteries of connecting with God’s Spirit. I trust He has something beautiful in this word for you as He did for me. God bless!



Image: xinnature.com