Hitting the trail early

I heard a whisper

Travel light…

And young & 20

At speed of night

I shrugged aside

Paid no attention

World my oyster

Embraced dark wolves

Swam in shark pools

Until they left me

In some lone place

I heard a whisper again

Didn’t I say, travel light?

Around the block a few times

He didn’t seem to mind

My wasted broken years

But opened windows to me

Exchanging glances in Spirit

Resetting my heart’s desire

To gaze at stars and skies

And down at the dockside

Where God likes to fish

We listened to raindrops

And waves coming ashore

His power to protect

Relived in secret joys

All in the details, He smiled

Better than expected, I laughed

Living beautifully again

I loved His closing line

Everything in its time

© 2012 S. Michaels (based on Ecclesiastes 3:11)
Taking Care of Dreams


Charting a course

cool mountain heights

breathing dreams alive

loving everyday time

giving thanks for voyages

instead of longing after

some empty room at the top

Getting past black & white

rediscovering colours

rooted in cycles of life

adding strength to now

pairing happy endings

with long walks in parks

new beginnings alight

as sparks in the dark

no extravaganza here

only cities on hills

room and more room

faith getting real

salt of the earth

©2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams

Joy Steppin’

The way it was then

You often wonder

Will it ever be the same?

Those long summers

Edged with laughter

Soft songs afloat

Kids blowing bubbles

Sun bright days

Running free

Ditches flooding

Downpour seasons

Overlooked, forgotten

Bumps and scrapes

Racing giggles

Under the garden hose

Cattails fuzzing

Skeeters buzzing

Dragonflies & zipper bugs


Summer’s blue globe

Green shaded pools

Icy rainbow popsicles

Held closer now

Steppin’ out on joy

It’s all comin’ back

Like you never left

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams – Poems for the Here & Now

Here to Stay

Living a dream
Faith place
Rainbow fields
God’s brush strokes
Where eagles soar
No fears or doubts
Each day more
Finding out
This dream’s
Mine to hold
Forever. Always.
No price tags
Just the welcome mat
That says ‘HOME’
Works for me
I’m here to stay

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams – Poems for the Here and Now


Going places

Walking on sunlight

Where lilies float

Heart in the clouds

Destinations unknown

Secrets unfold

Harvests & gateways

A new & now place

A place to pay tribute

And to collect wisdom

And everywhere around

Soft finger prints of God

Sweet slices of heaven

Sharp salt of earth found

Open windows & doors

Graceful ascents taken

Rest in green places

Refreshing springs of grace

To be continued…

This road less travelled

With sunshine & storms

A pastureland profound

Seems to have your name on it

© 2012 S. Michaels
Taking Care of Dreams – Poems for the Here and Now