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Never Ending Road

trail-in-frosty-winter-forest-247588Thank you friends far and near, for joining me on the inspiring never ending road of words and thoughts and imagery we shared in 2013… Enjoy a blessed Christmas…and Happy New Year.  I look forward to continuing the journey in 2014.

Never Ending Road, by Loreena McKennitt

image: khongthe.com

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November Hours


On hand painted satin skies
Wild geese thread silvery south
Around the bend the river slows
Rushing currents touched with snow
Sweet candlelit hours swoon
Scented iris, patchouli, and lily
Brightening short days with green
Scented as gardens in fullest bloom
And down the lane November treads
A powdered path of pearls underfoot
Shaping the first perfect snowball
While night skies swirl and sing
Of shepherds, angels, and glorious things

© 2013 S. Michaels
Green Light Diary

Image: scenicreflections.com (winter sky)


Honk! It’s Springtime!

rainflowers, wallpoper.com

It’s an annual rite of spring – the return of Canada geese from sunny southern parts to our Canadian western plains. Our big birds arrived this week just in time for Easter celebrations. We found them eagerly seeking out patches of open water. Surprise – the geese were met by great icy stretches of white frozen fields and ponds and snow drifts as big as mountains. It’s been a long winter. Snow and ice have been reluctant to leave.  I had to laugh watching the antics of the Canada geese in response to the landscape. They seemed to stare down at the snow everywhere with dismay, almost willing it to ‘take off, eh?’ These birds are famous for pairing up and mating for life, and I watched as one male bird would take a ‘lead’, padding on snowbanks, then suddenly sink up to his belly. Honk! honk-honk! Squawk! His ‘wife’ shook her head. The bird quickly plucked up a webbed foot, and got out on the snow again. Testing it out. One step at a time. A snowshoeing lesson in patience.

On the Canadian plains, we always know we can trust that regardless of how things look, when the first Canada geese arrive back ‘home’,  Spring is ‘here to stay’.  In a matter of days, we can expect temperatures to rise and stay steady above the zero mark. And we can shout ‘hurrah!’ as the last trickle of snowmelt disappears.

And as we welcome the Canada geese, we also learn to wait with patience for the first fragrant flowers of Springtime to appear. The day lilies, tulips and almost imperceivable delicate bell-like white bloom of the lily of the valley.

Canada geese…and spring lilies. Lessons in ‘waiting’…And always worth the wait.


Rainbow Igloo

Rainbow Igloo, TheWeatherNetwork.com

My Canadian city just got body-slammed. Following an almost balmy first two weeks of January, we’re heading into a wintry weekend forecast and blizzard with minus 33 Celsius temps forecast for overnight with the wind chill. Brrr… Back to reality. This  IS winter after all, and who does it up better than us Canucks? We weather winter. Rather well. We are resilient people of character…and colour. Take this real life  igloo story for example, as presented by TheWeatherNetwork.com. It made me smile when a coworker sent this my way after a week fighting off the remnants of the 100-Day Flu Bug, and following a couple of sad goodbyes to retiring colleagues at work, not to mention a broken-down boiler (again) that left me coming home to frigidly cold floors in my apartment yesterday.  After all, when it gets right down to it, no matter where you are or what the weather, life IS what you make it. And there’s always a rainbow…somewhere. 

p.s. Over the years I’ve heard dozens of wild n’ wooley Canadian myths including the odd belief that all of us live in igloos here in the great white north. Uh, not quite. But if we did? One of these would be absolutely fabulous! 🙂

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wallpaperslibrary.comInstead of the thornbush…the pine tree will grow…Where nettles grew, myrtle will sprout… Isaiah 55:13

The new year is here. Prayers for 2013 to be alive with new dreams, energy, and a spirit of renewal sent by God, who alone does wondrous things. God bless!


Blue Wing

Shorelines dip and dive

Shifting rocks and sand

Clinging to sunbathers

o-ka-leeeee — a-lee

A blackbird’s sing-song

Trills in prairie grasses

Rippling paintbrush and foxtail

Stirring up dust bowls

As great clouds gather

Dancing west to east

Awakening woodlands

A sun-freckled fawn dozes

Finding cool green shade

Below July’s sweltering gaze

Blue wing skies skip and play

Whipping smouldering air

Into frenzied storm cells wide

Sailing south as ghostly galleons

Aspen leaves spin as dervishes

Trout splash in concentric circles

A dog’s bark echoes hollow

Chasing dream cats round a rain barrel

Sweet wild silly summer days

Watermelon colours and rainbows

Moments melted, clinging together

All out of breath, collapsed in a heap

As time catches up and moves on

© 2012 S. Michaels
Breakaway – Spreading Wings