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Winds of My Spirit


Breathe deep & believe!
I am sending fresh winds
Great winds of My Spirit
Encircled by heaven’s glory
Angelic missions unleashed
Bearing gifts of My Kingdom
Delivering signs and wonders
A New Creation hour…now!
Prayer sails filled wide
Miracle seasons unfolding
Released on wings of grace
Great winds of My Spirit
Breathe deep, and receive!

© 2013 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

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On the Way Home – Jamie’s Prayer

agodman.com wallpaperJesus, thank you for intervening for us with God, and for praying for us always. Thank you for giving your life so that we may live.
Lord, Jesus Christ, there is none like you. You are here with us now and forever. You are the truth and the light. With you there is no darkness. Let your light shine brightly, illuminating the path clearly that you want us to travel on the way home. Help us to enjoy every step of the journey and to see you with every footfall. Thank you Lord. Thank you and praise you. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
(From  friend, writer, & prayer warrior, Jamie Z. Bless you you, J!)

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A breath of fresh prayer

Holy Spirit, flow into this tired soul. Awaken light into my eyes. Fill me with your dreams and visions. Unleash my faith. Awaken my imagination. Strengthen my hands. Quicken my feet. Set my joy free. Set my heart on fire. Blaze a trail of hope into every place you send me today. Let me live to tell what you DIED to say….In your Holy name..Amen

(a beautiful prayer from my dear friend and writer, Lori G.)

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Out of valleys, Valleys of tears, Valleys of fears Valleys of years

Lead, O Lord

Out of waters,  Waters of grace,  Waters of mercy, Waters of rebirth

Empower, O Lord

Upon high mountains, Mountains of faith, Mountains of peace, Mountains of praise

Mountains of glory

Stand me, O Lord

© 2011  S. Michaels
Knowing Every Acre

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Praying with Hosea

Lord, as You were to Israel, be today like the dew to me, that I may blossom as the lily…

and may I be like the green pine tree whose fruitfulness comes from Thee alone.

From Hosea 14 verses 5and 8