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Cat Memo # 1,000,701

O.K. U ask’d 4 it! Cat mumbles to person in bed (meaning moi!)
Miao! No guilt trip intended, Cat says, but you picked the wrong movie
So now you owe me. I won’t cry over spilled milk, but please pay up

How about feeding me 4x tomorrow?

(Cat started talking…since when?) I turn over ignoring
Cat snores, claws on quilt, straightening things out
Cat texts me by cat-mos-is, a purr-fect paws-de-deux!
And circles around me with the nerve to rob my pillow!
Then carefully lets me know I’ve been outsmarted…

By ‘smarter’! Cat says with winking pause at 4 a.m.

Cat talks on and on…Will people never land softly on their feet?   Will they never learn not to jump from great heights?

(No way, this couldn’t be Cat talking…!)

Figure I’m dreaming or else Cat’s got me where she wants me
Cat’s-cradled. Tongue-tied. Hornswoggled!

Copyright S. Michaels
To: ‘Kitty Kittums’ (the Cat) & other feline geniuses