On airy summits
Near sheltering rock
Across broad waters
Where isles float
By Serenity’s seas
Agape tumbles down
Overflowing, a river
Bridging valleys
Too wide, too long
On the other side
Of midnight cries
Silent & still
I wait, knowing
All good things will
In time, be free
In time, all beautiful
All, alone for Thee

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

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Old Voices

Time suddenly stranded
Hanging up the phone
On old conversations
No one’s to blame
A few tangled vines
His words disappearing
In a faraway place
On the radio, another song
As if he knew, was still around
Earth’s raw jumbled refrain
His words, a harvest, a whisper
As if he wanted to say
Everything will be ok


© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

image: awesome grapes, poxteer.com

Afternoon Lull

Filtered light
Dull day shifts gears
Standing still as still
As if sun’s slow dial
Took leave, on furlough
And impatient Time
Let go, with a rush
Against the wall
The russet pause
The blur of traffic
The stenciled trees
Unbrushed, tousled
Hours drifting as wind
As slippered rain
Falls, taking care
Of tears, of many things

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

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Skies split raw atoms
Estranged us, irreparably
Our too-young hearts, blasted
War-torn, fate and sin’s toll taken
Taking us down through rain-soaked nights
Our flights of fancy, broken, lost
Disappearing into dust, our tears all spent
Now that you’ve gone, who knows?
As if dreams carry on, I hear you
Echo’d in a room, an song we knew
Reminding me of oceans green
You standing on Time’s shores somewhere
you might have tried to stay, or to say
This isn’t goodbye…God alone knows
As waters under bridges flow on
Something deep down tells me to trust
That like a tree bending in rough gales
You found grace, truth on the other side

© 2014 S. Michaels
for Michael Thomas Sposito (1957-2014)
Light Years

for you, friend…
Even in the Quietest MomentsRoger Hodgson (1979)
Give a Little Bit – Take the Long Way Home
– Roger Hodgson (1979)
-Alan Parsons Project (1981)

image: Starry Night, hdwallpapersx.com



As if every door
Had yet to open
Lone suns had set
On many lost years
The half-mad world
Spinning wildly around
While she had stood
Had always stood
Her faith ground.
Being struck
By all manner of things
That mattered in life
She believed, a curl
of an ocean wave, a child’s hand
Held fast in trust, in hope
Were one and the same.
A jagged range of hills
A distant star
In the long haul
these mattered more
Than things up close.
She believed, she knew
By observing long & fast
Endless little lessons
Had helped her to release
Truth, like butterflies
That everything had together
Worked for good, standing her
In the end, in a better place

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years

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