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Does God Care About Our Happiness?


Some people are ‘foreverus optimisticus‘…They’re ‘up’, positive, and seem to smile for miles even through life’s ups and downs. These people seem to have an inner switch that turns on happiness. For others, circumstances seem to get in the way. Life may have been a series of hardships or letdowns. Tears have been familiar…frustration, loss, hurt. Does God know? Yes. The Bible tells us He was a ‘man of sorrows…familiar with grief…’ Does he care? Yes. God’s desire has always been to bless and bring joy…and amazingly, He can bring joy out of sorrow. Joy is a gift of God. It’s part of an everlasting inheritance He has for everyone who believes and hopes in Him.  Here’s what Pastor Ravi Zacharias has to say in response to a question from a student at Columbia University…Does God Care About Our Happiness? (5:51 min)

God’s promise: “Those who sow in tears, will reap with songs of joy…” Psalm 126:5