Promise 25 of 30 – Complete Love

“If we love one another, His love is made complete…” 1 John 4:12

When someone applies for a job, they need to show their credentials. God says His creation tells all we need to know about Him. His living portfolio speaks for itself. And it’s all wrapped up in His love…unfailing…and everlasting.

Promise 24 of 30 – Security

“Whoever comes to me, hears my words and acts on them will be like a house built upon a rock…” Luke 6:47, 48

Whoa!….what’s this??? Okay…coo-ol. Someone built a house not only on a rock, but out of rock…in the Fafe mountains in Portugal.  In the worst of storms, bets are that this place would stand…well…solid as a rock. Our spiritual lives aren’t about ‘religion’ and looking good on the outside or talking nice. God wants to build genuine strength within us to help us stand firm through every storm. Get into His Word.

Promise 23 of 30 – Keys to His Kingdom

“I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of heaven…”  Matthew 16:19

This isn’t about keys to any building called a ‘church’. God’s got something far more amazing and profound in mind. He calls His church  ‘living stones’. His Kingdom is not simply written about in blogs or books or preached in pleasant or lofty sermons. His Kingdom is being written in the lives of real people. It is being written right now…on human hearts.

What about yours…?

Promise 22 of 30 – Courage

“…the righteous are as bold as a lion…” Proverbs 28:1

Life’s an adventure, not just a journey. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, and at other times fear may try to get a grip over faith. God’s not afraid to allow our faith to be challenged or stretched. And He always gives courage to overcome.  Let the adventure begin…

Dawn Treader, Official image

With special appreciation to the remarkable writer,  C. S. Lewis, who has journeyed on ahead…

Promise 21 of 30 – Direction

“My Word is a lamp to your feet…a light on your pathways…” Psalm 119.105

God’s Word promises that He knew us before we were born. Anyone who knows you that closely, also knows and cares intimately about every detail of your life even if you don’t know or believe in Him. He cares. He’s there. His light always breaks through.