In Everything, Give Thanks mighty seas roar?

Have fears filled your soul?

Are you stuck looking backward

Instead of moving on?

Bravely look beyond your trials

Fix your gaze on God’s great love

Receive fully His rich goodness

In everything, give thanks

For this is His purpose always

Concerning all your days

In everything give thanks

Rest fully in His grace

In everything rejoice

For now and ever more

The Lord’s good pleasure

Is to open unto you a door

And it is always His delight

By bright day or dark of night

To give unto you…His Kingdom

In everything, give thanks

© 2013 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

(Luke 12:32; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

As The Singing of Birds

As the singing of birds
Accompanies the wings of dawn
So shall you be uplifted
In a God-given season of singing
Beloved, although weeping has come
And though tears have been endured
The Lord God is restoring unto you
Joy in the morning, laughter at night
Heartsongs in sunny branches
Songs distant from gathering storms
Tempests may pursue God’s foes
But you will take wing with new songs
Each note will be a word of peace
As powerful as the Lord’s word spoken
To the great waves on windswept Galillee
Take notice, for common fledgling tunes
Are about to compose…a symphony

© 2013 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

Winds of My Spirit

Breathe deep & believe!
I am sending fresh winds
Great winds of My Spirit
Encircled by heaven’s glory
Angelic missions unleashed
Bearing gifts of My Kingdom
Delivering signs and wonders
A New Creation hour…now!
Prayer sails filled wide
Miracle seasons unfolding
Released on wings of grace
Great winds of My Spirit
Breathe deep, and receive!

© 2013 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

At The Door

I knocked
At the door of centuries
And waited long through
Endless raging wars and hate.

I knocked
At the door of nations
Listening with aching heart
To arguments of greed and strife.

I knocked at the door
Of great men and kings
And was left waiting
As they counted up their change.

I knocked at the door
Of seeking hearts
Welcoming in – the unexpected!

The broken & hurting
The widow & the lonely
The soldier & the homeless
The hopeless & the rejected
The humble & the longing
The lost & weary
The poor & heartbroken
The lame, ill, & forgotten
The hungry & the abused
Those giving all they have
To follow and seek My Kingdom
And those of childlike faith.

I stand at the door.



For the cynic, the unbelieving & angry
For the spiritually blind & the proud
For the self-satisfied & the takers
For the boastful & the religious

But, oh, the hour grows late
And I stand at the door
Waiting. For lost ones
And prodigals to come home.

Waiting. Waiting.
With open arms of love.
Even unto the close of the ages.

© 2012 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart


I will send you the autumn rains…Joel 2:23

I send fresh rain now

A sign of My faithfulness

Receive My outpouring

Stretch out eager hands

Receive dew from heaven

Let if fall gently

As morning praises

Receive downpours sweet

Grace, mercies, joy divine

Let overflow fall NOW…

To refresh My inheritance

For as it is written

Those who hope in God

Will not be disappointed

Arise and be blessed

People who know your God

Be renewed in every way

For this is a healing season

Flowing after long drought

Bringing a spirit of rejoicing

To revive and renew the weary

And the Lord your God

Who is a sun and shield

Rains down overflow

The gold of the Almighty

Upon the dwellings

Of the righteous

© 2o12 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart