Bus’ ted


So someone axe’d

Me one fine day

Bill, how cum u never
Go to church?
Least, I never
Seen you there

i figure that’s

Kinda personal

But i smiles at him

“i do. 6 days a week”

So the guy looks

At me like

i lost my marbles

i smiles back & sez

“Inner city bus.”

Toll him i travel…

All the time, ain’t seen
No offerin’ plates
No preachers
Just a ton of
broken folks with
no $ for basics
enough to break
yer heart a hundred
thousand times over
No end to prayer

Strange, i got nuthin’

Against church-going

Figure i was busted

Flat. But that guy

For sum reason

he’s never axe’d

me agin about

my church goin’


© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: free wall papers by Inner Graffik

– 40 C

hdw.eweb4.com 1792244
don’t know why
sum people get
so mad at winter
no point getting
down about weather.

u can’t change it.

it’s -40 C today
that’s with windchill
streets are icy
and the bus driver
keeps hitting the gas
spinning his wheels
like he hates his job
everyone seems angry
not me, i say

could always be worser.

i’m goin to work
cuz there’s things
for me to do today
i work assembly line
i have a disability
so I don’t learn easy
but that’s how it is

sure glad i have a job
cuz holidays are coming.
might buy sum new boots
and a gift for mom.

© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: hdw.eweb4.com


so I hurd they gone
raised yur rent again
no more rent controls
only old linoleum
and big wheels rakin in $
i tried to call u
figgered u wuz scared
Pearl, the ol’ gal
downstairs from u
sez she saw u leave
sez u wuz headed west
anywhere u’d be near water
u always liked oceans.
but, tell u the truth
i wisht we coulda talked.
maybe u woulda stayed put.
course u always said
the Lord had nowheres to
lay His head to rest
i know u pretty good
gess u r still followin
in right footsteps.
ok. i’ll be seein u

© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: hdwallphotos.com

Andy’s Day

i try to think
what it’s like for u
a typical Andy’s day.
i know u grew up with less
and u don’t ask for much.
i know u love going to work
and u make me feel proud.
u r always, always on time
and never miss the bus.
u see life different
somehow like parades
and confetti in sunshine.
a mumbler behind u sez
‘here comes the Down’s’
and i wanna scream.
but u just smile and hum
listenin to sum i-tunes
and wearin yur dad’s fedora
like a total kool kat
being exactly who u r
like walkin’ on water

© 2014 S.Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: desktopnexus.com

Single Dad

it’s way too long
can’t remem’br wen i saw u
but heard u r a single dad.
seems no one seez u much.
gess u must have no time
and I gess u don’t hav
yur old set of wheels.

i hear Sheela saw u on a bus
by sub-sdiz-d daycare
one ice cold day last week.

She sez you had both boys
each with a Buzz Lightyear toy
wings out, ready to fly.

She sez u looked real happy
and said the kids looked happy 2.
cool! u’d be a great dad.
i always knew it.


© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag

image: wallpaper4god.com