Ae Selkie Song

By silken seas, fair blue as heather
Wair romance blooms, swee’t en mid’summer
Wair maybells swoon, an seals swim deep
B’neath great waves, wair Thurso sleeps
Ae lone lass gazed, o’er oceans wide
Wair great streams flow’d wi’ North Sea tides
On an on for’ever, seven years n’ more
An seven years since, she wait’d thair
Stand’n her gro’ond, she alwa’s remain’d
Wair her tru luv alive, he’d return again
An sae she sang her heart’s refrain…

Eff he’s a selkie true
Oooh-aye, oooh-aye, ae selkie sings
Oooh-aye, oooh-aye, ae selkie cries
An as he cries, his luv returns
Eff he’s a selkie true

Drum beats echo’d, o’er great waves
Pound’n like tha’ heart of tha lassie brave
Across wide miles, afar as Graemsay
Wair Orkney’s strands, an sagas sing
Ae song uv twa lovers, wi’ luv sae deep
They’re for’ever bound, nae matter whit
Tae her arms he’ll swim, she’s certain uv it
He’ll return ow’ny day, she’s waitin fer im
Seven years she cried upon thae seas
Seven years mair, she’d wait agin
An sae she sings her heart’s refrain…

(repeat refrain)

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs 

Author’s Note:  Selkies are a part of Scots and Orkney folklore. 

Iona’s Courts

I ken o’wn’ly guid hearts trul’y find
Peace in th’Abbey’s stone grey t’oor
Wha’ sweet’ness uv heav’n thair lays
Bejewel’d a’rownd wide silent hills
Ae sacre’d place wair birdsong trills
Wair clov’er carpets grace thae earth
An tuck’d behind each solemn stane
Auld prayers still wait an linger on
As branches uv thae wild yew tree
Tae ken tha place, is tae be free
Neath shad’y boughs, on sunny days
Ae piper’s song, will pipe tha’ way
An trustin’ hearts be set aright
Here, en Iona’s fair green courts

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

Wings Uv Skye

On wings uv Skye, nae’body grows auld
On wings uv Skye, true hearts wax bold
On wings uv Skye, every day blooms new
An’ niver ae heart gangs sorry or blue

On wings uv Skye, I was carried awa’
On wings uv Skye, I danc’d an’ play’d
On wings uv Skye, thae wind piped ae song
An’evr’y day afterwards, I sang along

On wings uv Skye, life taks only good turns
On wings uv Skye, true hearts alwa’s yearn
On wings uv Skye, life wings upon prayers
An’ nowhere is life mair bonny or fair

On wings uv Skye, luv finds a way
On wings uv Skye, night becomes day
On wings uv Skye, ae’body ken tell
Luv is ae gift, but niver tae sell

On wings uv Skye, I was carried awa’
On wings uv Skye, I danc’d an’ play’d
On wings uv Skye, the wind piped ae song
An’evr’y day afterwards, I sang along

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs 

Author’s note: I don’t know why but something about the Scottish isle of Skye alwa’s brings oot thae music in me 🙂 (See: Ae Skye Song, and Ode To Skye’s Lost Heroes)

Iona’s Smiles

Far past grand isles, where seal pups play
We skipp’d oor moorin’s, an sail’d awa’
Be’yon’ grassy shores, wair seas gang still
an kings lay asleep, below ancient hills
We wander’d slow’ly, past walls a’crumbl’d
Where clover danc’d, an bees a’bumbl’d
Wair Iona’s smiles, chas’d awa’ ow gloom
oor hearts blaz’d warm, as sun at noon
Awa’ ow clamour’in, ow noise, ow fuss
oor troubles dispers’d, wi’nae regret
We luv’d God’s earth, as niver before
An ken we wair bless’d, by life’s swee’t hours
We ken we’d found peace, an’ we ken tha mony miles
It tak tae cum hame tae, tae Iona’s fair smiles

© 2012 S.Michaels
Alba Songs

Ae Skye Song

Ae kind soul once led me
tae wand’r’ thae isles
Aye, a dear soul did luv me
an’ hugg’d me thae while
An all thae grand days
wen we travel’d in May
We dream’d fine’est dreams
oot a’lang thae Skye wa’

We dream’d oor best dreams
as we wander’d thae hills
We laff’d oor best laffs
an we paid aw thae bills
We spent thae swee’t hours
an we niver gang ill
An we dream’d we micht sta’
oot a’lang thae Skye wa’

Near tha’wee place Dunollie
thae auld inn by thae sea
We lairn’d uv seve’n sailors
wha’ sail’d oot one dae
tha’ dinna return hame
and nae body kens why
A grey storm roll’d in
an stole them awa’
(repeat chorus)

We said brave fareweel’s
on a grassy green hill
We wav’d fon’ g’ byes
an we swore we’d return
As we look’d oot tae sea
wh’ere a dark mist roll’d by
We found ourselves dream’in
Of rainbows o’er Skye
(repeat chorus)

© 2012 S. Michaels
Alba Songs