God Bless America 🇺🇸

Thirty years ago, as a young woman launching out on my career in a new city, God began an amazing work of prayer in my life, placing a deep call in my heart to pray for the nation of America.

As a Canadian, I’d always had a heart for our neighbours to the south. My dad had often spoken how the world was rescued by the USA during WWII. He emphasized how the nations owed an incredible debt of gratitude to thousands of heroic patriotic men and women of America who led the Allies to victory, rescuing us all from a dark global evil that sought to rule the world through tyranny.

It was the courage and sacrifice of America that led us through those difficult storms to grow up in an era of unprecedented achievements and freedoms.

Years later, three days before 9/11 shocked the world in 2001, I had an interesting experience.

It was a quiet rain swept day at the lake cottage. My older sister had pulled together a ‘rainy day’ craft project that involved constructing and painting a simple wooden angel. As each of us worked on the project, I found myself painting ‘my angel’ with an American ‘stars and stripes’ motif, little knowing what that great nation was about to face within 72 short hours.

Almost 20 years after 9/11, in 2020, the USA is in a turnkey election year, and seems to be facing a different kind of tyranny, one that appears to be intent from within and without to try to rob and destroy America’s way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Which may help to explain why a year ago on July the 4th 2019, something moved me to ‘rescue’ my 9/11 angel from a forgotten place behind a door in my home. Bringing the angel out from obscurity I puzzled over why I had never finished the work of painting her. Suddenly my long ago ‘call’ to pray for America, a call that had never left me, reminded me it was time for the angel to come into a brighter destiny.

I set to work to repair long-faded colours, adding at long last a smiling face and hands folded in reverent prayer. The angel now has a special place near my entryway and reminds me of an ongoing commitment I made to God to pray for my amazing ‘neighbour’ the nation of America…

GOD BLESS AMERICA…and keep her free.


Image: S. Michaels July 2019
Link: ‘God Bless America’ – Kimberly and Alberto Rivera