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In Everything, Give Thanks

wallpaperscristaos.com.brDo mighty seas roar?

Have fears filled your soul?

Are you stuck looking backward

Instead of moving on?

Bravely look beyond your trials

Fix your gaze on God’s great love

Receive fully His rich goodness

In everything, give thanks

For this is His purpose always

Concerning all your days

In everything give thanks

Rest fully in His grace

In everything rejoice

For now and ever more

The Lord’s good pleasure

Is to open unto you a door

And it is always His delight

By bright day or dark of night

To give unto you…His Kingdom

In everything, give thanks

© 2013 S. Michaels
From God’s Heart

(Luke 12:32; 1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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Earth Awe

amazing earth, wallpaperhere.com

Take a deep breath. And get ready to explore Earth’s spectacular vistas…with PBS’s incredible documentary, NOVA – Earth from Space …be prepared and get ready to stand in awe…of our ‘home’…as you have never seen it before…


Honk! It’s Springtime!

rainflowers, wallpoper.com

It’s an annual rite of spring – the return of Canada geese from sunny southern parts to our Canadian western plains. Our big birds arrived this week just in time for Easter celebrations. We found them eagerly seeking out patches of open water. Surprise – the geese were met by great icy stretches of white frozen fields and ponds and snow drifts as big as mountains. It’s been a long winter. Snow and ice have been reluctant to leave.  I had to laugh watching the antics of the Canada geese in response to the landscape. They seemed to stare down at the snow everywhere with dismay, almost willing it to ‘take off, eh?’ These birds are famous for pairing up and mating for life, and I watched as one male bird would take a ‘lead’, padding on snowbanks, then suddenly sink up to his belly. Honk! honk-honk! Squawk! His ‘wife’ shook her head. The bird quickly plucked up a webbed foot, and got out on the snow again. Testing it out. One step at a time. A snowshoeing lesson in patience.

On the Canadian plains, we always know we can trust that regardless of how things look, when the first Canada geese arrive back ‘home’,  Spring is ‘here to stay’.  In a matter of days, we can expect temperatures to rise and stay steady above the zero mark. And we can shout ‘hurrah!’ as the last trickle of snowmelt disappears.

And as we welcome the Canada geese, we also learn to wait with patience for the first fragrant flowers of Springtime to appear. The day lilies, tulips and almost imperceivable delicate bell-like white bloom of the lily of the valley.

Canada geese…and spring lilies. Lessons in ‘waiting’…And always worth the wait.

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Penguins being Penguins…cool video :)

hdwp.meIn Canada, we’re accustomed to l-on-nng winters, and a ton of snow and ice. Sometimes it seems like you can’t move for tryin’…unless you’ve got spunk like these guys who just never give up giving it all they’ve got…

Penguins being Penguins (1 min. 24 sec. video – bbc.co.uk)

Have a nice day, eh? 🙂

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Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid…

Niabi Zoo - Courtesy The Weather Network

When the going gets tough, some smart critters stay indoors. Giraffes at an Illinois Zoo wait out stormy wintry weather that’s been battering the USA’s mid-west. Spring can’t come soon enough. And where’s a good movie channel to watch when you need one, huh??!