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The Bronze Bow

I don’t know if you recall a worship song that starts with the words: “It is God who trains my hands for battle, my arms can bend a bow of bronze…” (Psalm 18:34) It’s one of my all time favorite praise songs, and the words never fail to remind me how our human strength is seldom enough to meet life’s biggest challenges.  However, there’s a way to find strength that wins…and overcomes.  As I read an excerpt on this subject from a book by a favorite pastor and author, I wanted to share with you the power of taking hold of more of God.

The Bible not only reveals to us the nature of God, it also tells the remarkable stories of those who, in their generation, overcame adversity and changed their world. Concerning the lives of these men and women, the writer of Hebrews says,

“And what more shall I say? For time will fail me if I tell of Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets, who by faith conquered kingdoms, performed acts of righteousness, obtained promises, shut the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, from weakness were made strong, became mighty in war, put foreign armies to flight” (Heb. 11:32-34).

Repeatedly the divine record affirms for us that, if we will reach true spiritual maturity, we must learn to overcome. Our spiritual rest will be incomplete until we learn to discern the enemy, use Christ’s authority, and persevere in the fight of faith. If we learn our lessons well, we can see the blessing of God restored to our hearts, our families, and even to cities and nations. Do not doubt nor tremble.

Indeed, concerning those who overcame, it says, “from weakness were made strong” and that they became “mighty in war.” (Heb 11:34). Our battles may not be of the caliber of those in Hebrews 11, but they are the battles we must overcome. Therefore, let us put away our passivity and crucify our unbelief. It is not time to recline or hide. No! It is time to take up the love of Christ, use His spiritual authority, and fight for all we hold dear.

The reason most people fail is not because God hasn’t provided for them, it is because their spiritual life is lukewarm and passive. It is time to get your grit back! In this day of advancing evil, it is time to wake up and fight!  

The above text is an excerpt adapted from Pastor Frangipane’s best selling book: This Day We Fight  and is a book I highly recommend having in your library. If we’re not connected powerfully in faith to solid teaching today, we can end up worn out and unable to stand in the battles of our troubling times and worldwide challenges. Pastor Frangipane’s books are available at: www.frangipane.org   |    www.arrowbookstore.com Frangipane Ministries, Inc.
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My Spirit is Life

I ask you not to DO, but to be
For whatsover is of the flesh is flesh,
but when you allow My Spirit to have free course,
when you cease to interfere with my moving within you,
then those things that shall be accomplished
both within and through you
will be truly the LIFE of God
For My Spirit is the Spirit of Life
And My Spirit is the motivating power of Divine energy…
I am within you to give you life,
Life without limit…

This beautifully penned excerpt of spiritual inspiration is taken from Frances J. Roberts remarkable Christian classic devotional, ‘Come Away My Beloved‘ …This remarkable collection of poetic prophetic verse reads as an open and compelling dialogue – God in conversation with the writer. No question…it becomes apparent upon reading this collection that Frances had a heart wide open to God, and that she eagerly anticipated hearing His voice. If you don’t have this book in your personal library, I highly recommend it and encourage you to own a copy.

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As a person thinks…so he (or she) isProverbs 23:7

The ancient writer of Proverbs hit the mark when he wrote these words.  Another important fact to consider when thinking about why we think the way we do and the impact that our thinking  has on who we become as individuals is to consider this: we are also what we read.

Words have power. Written or spoken. Words influence our thinking and ultimately play an integral role in shaping who we become in life. Our minds are like a super computer and then some, a ‘translator’ of every idea, ‘mot’, and experience we have ever encountered. Every single one of life’s sights, sounds, and experiences is recorded in our minds. I have met people whose minds were broken by devastating and unfortunate life experiences. I have also met people whose minds were profoundly intelligent, yet they lacked inner peace and depth of spirit. And I have met broken people who were transformed by the power of God’s Word and love. Intellect is a gift but it is what we do with knowledge that truly shapes who we become.

An example of a ‘great mind’ in human history is recorded in the Book of Daniel, where the life of King Nebuchadnezzar II , a colossal and some might say, ‘ego-tripping’ ruler of ancient Babylon is detailed. Neb II was renowned for his intellect and creative vision for empire building. One of his achievements became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. Neb II’s story is a ‘must read’…After denying God’s existence, Neb II ‘snapped’ and ended up living like a wild animal…until he returned to acknowledge God as the author and all-powerful One and Giver of life. 

Neb II is a great example as well that our minds are not invincible. Our minds are actually vulnerable. The human mind is a phenomenal harbour of our souls, the seat of our emotions and free will, the epicentre and spirit of who we are and who we become. No one can tap its depths. But if God says He is ‘Spirit’ and that His Word is also spirit…just think for a moment what that might mean…in your life. If we are all spiritual beings, whether we realize it or not, each one of us has the capacity to be transformed spiritually.  God’s Word speaks of His Word having the power to transform the human mind from darkness to light. Incredible. I encourage you to read God’s Word – cover to cover…and find out for yourself.

I would also very much like to recommend a ‘fill up’ from the following outstanding list of classic writings on Christian faith and thought, posted at Renovaré, under the title: “25 Books Every Christian Should Read“. (and which I believe every person should read).  What have you got to lose?

In “25 Books Every Christian Should Read”, (edited by Julia L. Roller), Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Phyllis Tickle, Chris Webb, and a diverse editorial board of leaders have identified the most helpful and historic books for Christian discipleship. The book provides a reader’s guide for the devotional history of the Church…to “lead you on a journey of discipleship that few in the history of the Church have experienced…to help you become like Jesus.” (HarperOne, softcover, 416 pages.) 25 Books includes in each chapter: a thorough overview of the book; insight into why it is an essential classic; guidance for your reading; an extended excerpt, and a Study Guide for each book. 25 Books also includes a list and annotated bibliography of vital contemporary authors.

Please visit the Renovaré web site for detailed information at: www.renovare.us/25books

Renovaré is a latin word meaning, “…to make new spiritually…”

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Are you ready?

A sculptor or artist has almost completed a magnificent work… a photographer organizes hundreds of photographs for a gallery opening… a man awaits the precise moment to give the woman of his dreams a diamond…a writer writes, edits and rewrites until a book is ready for the publisher…a couple eagerly awaits arrival of a newborn…Each of these situations shares something in common. It is the arrival of something. The signs and indicators are all there. Something is almost ready to be revealed.

That’s life. It doesn’t just ‘happen’ but has many dimensions. There is provenance and history and the need to put things together. There is ‘process’. Life involves many diverse aspects such as timing, waiting, working, reworking. It also involves purpose…and readiness… During the ‘between’ times which may sometimes feel like long gaps before something is ready to be revealed, we all know that something more may be required of us — like ‘faith’. We need to believe in what is being accomplished or about to take place. We need to keep moving in a right direction. Along the way we may also experience a good measure of other disciplines that we realize must be acquired or learned — strengths and qualities it might help us to develop further, such as perseverance, endurance, or hope…

Question: Is it possible that the God, who gave each of us life on this Earth, has so intricately designed all of human history, our life experiences, interwoven one into another, and the awesomeness of creation all around us… to teach us to stand in awe of who He is…and to be ‘ready’ for something…more? It’s a provocative question. Yet a close and careful study of the Bible and its dramatic tracing of human experience alongside the profound prophetic words of Scripture reveals something amazing.

The Bible is God’s letter of introduction, a big ‘Yes’ that there is indeed an orderly, thoughtful, seamless, timeless record and evidence of His greatness and His plan   — and that He IS getting us ready. But ready for…what? This leads me to strongly recommend to you Anne Graham Lotz‘s book,  ‘Expecting to See Jesus’. Anne, the daughter of renowned Christian evangelist, Billy Graham, reports in her book on the time and era we live in and how the signs and indicators of prophecy and world events point clearly to God’s lining up His most incredible plans of all time which are getting ready to be revealed. The signs and indicators are there about God getting ready to reveal Jesus and the fullness of His salvation, just as the apostle Peter wrote in 1 Peter 1: 5.  Are you ready…?


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God’s Promises are 4 U 2

I love the writing of the best-selling author of:  1,000 Awesome Things Check out his web site. He got me thinking how God has THOUSANDS of PROMISES and He says His Words actually give us LIFE! It’s a loving and over the top ‘Dad’ kind of thing with God. So check out the Promises tag on this site and the 30 promises and let me know what you think. This barely skims the surface of all God has in store for everyone who trust in Him…and 4 U 2

prom·ise (präm′is) – an agreement, an indication of success, a vow to do ( or not do something); and to stand by one’s word.

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