Glory Songs

Listen…Hear the songs of heaven, of My open heavens…Yes, there is a sound, a song, a pouring forth of speech, rejoice, be glad! This is My day for My people who know their God! No matter what things look like, look neither to the right or the left, but only to the greatness of your God. Trust in My leading, be joyful in hope, believe, believe, BELIEVE.(Psalm 19:2)

©2023 S. Michaels
K a i r o s
(Prophetic Journal)(ref: 1 Cor. 14: 1-5)


3 thoughts on “Glory Songs

  1. Amen!!! I certainly do believe; no matter what it feels like, looks like or anything; God is good, absolutely good all the time. He cannot even think of doing anything wrong or evil; that’s not His heart….oh I’m so glad I know Him and never would want to be without Him in my life!!!! Oh yes; I DO BELIEVE what He says!!!

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