By the Old House in Mid-March

Unpainted, the garden gate lolls, awkward as a schoolboy at a first dance. Irises once stood along the wall. Yellow day lilies uprooted. I wonder why. The lone ponderosa pine peers over the roof, as if expecting our return.

In Springtime sky, lone
chickadee’s sing-song bright
as cherry blossom

©2021 S. Michaels
As The Crow Flys – Haibun

5 thoughts on “By the Old House in Mid-March

  1. These words took me to a place I’ve never been but would long to go. I’ve never experienced, before your writings, simple words that can bring such vivid thoughts to mind. I thank God I happened upon your words. Thank you.


  2. Susan, this is delightful in many ways. Brings my mind and heart back to the simpler days of irises and wooden homes of the pioneers ❤️ I love the visiual of Hope in the new birth of Spring. Expect growth in the days to come🐣🌷

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