Love Wins

…not by their own power did they win the land, or by their own strength, but it was by Your right arm, and the light of Your face and favour shining upon them, for You loved them…
Psalm 44:4

S. Michaels 2021
Tehillim|Psalmist Thoughts/Paraphrased

6 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. Susan, I am usually reluctant to make any comments here or at least keep them very short because I do not want to take away from your insightful work, work that requires much spiritual thought. I greatly enjoyed your former series because each seven syllable message contained much parabolic content requiring the correct lenses to decipher. Not that I necessarily got it right all the time but much of the time I think.

    But concerning this post I could not resist. You have presented us with one more golden nugget mined from the Lord’s pure Word telling us how it all works and the way He gets things done. The Lord Jesus has purposefully limited Himself to working with His children and through them, but it is all His work and direction nonetheless. This method does not take away from our hard work and dedication in association with Him, however, and I believe He appreciates it greatly. But possibly the greater appreciation is ours because He has allowed us to be vital parts in His work. With Him, we are all working together. We were formerly against Him but those who are truly born again have done the big 180 and are now fully with Him. This is both a miracle, for each of us, and the greatest of honors.

    Imagine being absolute no-account spiritual nobodies welcomed into His kingdom and given a vital place of responsibility backed up and supported by a loving Father. That’s what the work of real Christianity actually is, and this verse from Psalms relays it perfectly. It is God’s love in action, as He willingly brings us aboard and grants us opportunities knowing we may fail or not do so well early on but remains steadfast in His support until we develop and gain spiritual maturity.

    How proud He must be of His children who willingly subject themselves to spiritual trials, growth, development, and spiritual warfare to be, in our hopes, of utmost value to Him. When we get it right all those things in Psalm 44:4 take place regardless of the enemy’s opposition. The Lord wins again. Love wins. And through us. What an impossible miracle showing forth His glory.

    Thank you for this and many blessings to you.

    There is something special about 444…

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    1. Thank you RJ for sharing your wealth of thoughts. I am so glad you enjoyed the ‘Aurelian Songs’ writings in Dec/Jan. I confess I may not ‘get’ all of the nuances or parabolic meanings myself as it seems God often surprises me with what He wants to express through my wordsmithing.

      In sharing perspectives on the Psalms into February, I am reminded again how God’s wonderful Word and unending Kingdom life is ALL about getting to know us more —- and sharing His heart with us. Through David’s and the other psalmists’ writings we’re invited into a rich expression of just how amazing it is to be part of it all. Keep loving the journey! Blessed weekend. 🕊 Susan

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