l i g h t room

Word(s) . Light . Life

12 thoughts on “Pianissimo

  1. Purtroppo, il più delle volte, la sacralità si perde nel corso della giornata. Ma questa è un’altra storia. W.

  2. What à beautiful photo !!!

  3. Nice! I look forward to these songs each morning and carrying them through the day!

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  5. What a special morning place to be. You, I imagine, alone there with an ocean-full of beauty around you. Birds of many species, content and magnificent, they knowing the bounty that is right at their own feet. A wistful, beautiful image, that has us All, wishing we had been there too.

    • 😀😎😇 …a writer must dream…and take time to be wherever the dream lands…I wrote the words first, then came across the amazing photo…the image certainly reminded me to seek places where nature’s music is the sole refrain…(ahhh-h)

  6. Yes, and the most sacred song springs from the hearts of those praising our Lord for His abundant goodness, grace, and love.

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