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5 thoughts on “Rhythms

  1. Oh!
    See I had put my comment on Natalie’s blog , actually it is in continuance of your micro haiku.
    You may go read it , hope you will enjoy it.
    Why I asked you about another blog is I saw your photo there.
    Now it is clear.
    I have done a few lately , I do not know what they are actually Haiku or Micro Haiku you please tell me about them if you have the time.
    But I really enjoy reading your micro haikus.

    • Hi Shiva, oh…thank u, I will visit Natalie and go and see your comment there! 🙂 Actually, I think I may have invented ‘micro Haiku’. Traditional Haiku is a Japanese poetry style which uses a rhythm of syllables 5-7-5. I experimented to challenge myself to say more with even less (fewer) syllables (and words) by using only the 5-7 syllables, leaving out the extra 5 syllables in traditional Haiku.

  2. Always a welcome sound🙂💦💦💧💧

  3. I love rainy night music! 🙂 ❤

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