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We are caretakers
Entrusted with vast


© 2016 S. Michaels
Ambrosia (micro Haiku)
Genesis 1:26

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Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

8 thoughts on “Protecting

  1. Love this one, Susan. And it is so true! 🙂 ❤

  2. Gosh, that is beautiful:) Made me think of the photos on my post of Ability today. As Abby and I walk about the property, I do pray over it and thank God for it. Never thought of it as “protection”, but now I know it is:) Protection:) Thank you for opening up another form of prayer and praise! ps: it is only through the Grace of God and His ability, have we been able to walk the land, hold on to it, through His protection and mercy:) 911 was rough year for us.. He brought us through!!

    • Psalm 125:2 comes to mind…God gives us ‘ground’ to bless it. He surrounds us even in the midst of troubles! Our awesome God has been speaking to my heart a lot about restoring that which has been lost and stolen (Joel 2). This is a Jubilee year on His calendar — the 70th Jubilee I believe…since Joshua praised down the walls of Jericho. Let’s believe & rejoice for Him again demonstrating His great renewal amongst the nations. Our God reigns! Sweet dreams in Him and blessed days ahead walking your land!

      • Wow, reading this morning:) I do a Bible study here at my home with a close group of women seeking more. One has been to Israel six times, yet, we seek more! The study is on prayer, and yes, Joshua and “praising” the wall of Jericho down!! Jericho means, “fragrant” (which I thought because of its location near the Jordan and the mild climate and produce growth) My eyes were opened to see the “fragrance” was the prayers of His saints going upward to God! Gosh Susan, I love this, 70th Jubilee!! 70 years in captivity! Come Lord Jesus!! Praying the door remains open to a pilgrimage to Israel in the future. We have had pilgrims join us from all over the US and Canada; meeting us at the outgoing airport. Please pray…your heart may very well be “set on Zion” and we’re waiting for you:) blessings, for your day in Him Who loves you:) denise

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