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Trabocco at Dawn


Antonio Violi Photography

The trabocco Pesce Palombo at dawn, Fossacesia, Costa dei trabocchi, Abruzzo, Italy.

Trabocco is a wooden fishing platform typical of Abruzzo region, Italy. There was a time that entire families lived of the catch of a Trabocco. Alas, nowadays fishing on a Trabocco is no longer profitable. So many of these Trabocco were converted into fish restaurants as the Trabocco Pesce Palombo in Fossacesia. I took this pictureat dawn in early July, half an hourbeforesunrise.


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2 thoughts on “Trabocco at Dawn

  1. A beautiful shot!


  2. This is beautiful! So peaceful, like the peace of God being revealed to us in His creation. It’s true that this is one of the best times of day to take an amazing photo. Thank you for posting your lovely work.


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