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Homeless guy/on curb
Hoping against/hope hope hope
Aaa-ny change/Any

© S.Michaels
20/20 – New Millenium Haiku

image: pinterest.com

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

3 thoughts on “Straight/Talk

  1. i hit the wrong button, i just put a essay here n it just phoof, disappeared. Oh weell I’ll just try again n hope it doesn’t go away again.
    My name is General B T Hope of the Hobounivercity’s Missions for Jesus n in 2009 Oct. I opened my first mission, a tent city where for the next two 1/2 years it helped ovder 3,000 folks or more. I wasn’t countin, anyway your Haiku just ,boom! Hit me and motivated me to write you this thank you note. My clown name, General Bebo T Hope, along with Ma Hope, have more hope than you can shake a stick at.
    Readin this today just gave me a smile. They need (homeless folks) change, not just coins but a change in the people that are receptive to them. They need clean socks n underwears, food, a place to sleep and love. I know from the mission in st louis to today that is all i have for them. LOVE. God Bless you ins Ms Lightwriters n may God shine his face upon you and yours this day n always.

    General B>T. Hope

    Hobo Univercity’s Missions
    for Jesus
    111 High Street
    Climax Springs, Missouri 65324

    p.s. my blog is
    hobounivercity@wordpress.com if you wanna read
    some silly clowns n what hope to them really is!!/~!

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