Lucy’s Life

Funny u axed me…
bout Lucy, I mean
cuz not long ago
i wonderd how she wuz
being a singl mom
Suddenly, wham!
i sees her flyin by
skinny as a twig
ofta’ sum daycare place
7 a.m. cold n dark
downtown by the Y
january winds, -25 C
towin a toboggan!
a green plastic sheet
like a frozen leaf
her kid floatin over ice
u’d think it was mid-July
the way she wuz  smilin
Itsa wonder ta me
they weren’t run down
in the morning jungle
rush hour madn-ss
Two of em cool as cukes!
i gess the boy’s 3 mebbe 4
& seems he’s jess like her…
Coupla born survivors.


© 2014 S. Michaels
Brown Paper Bag


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