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5161-swing-and-flowers-800x600In time’s wisdom
Right pieces fall
Into place like summer
Swinging as a child
Laughing, upside down
On a swing of joy
Catching first light
Dawn’s early blanket
Whispered winds in trees
Traveling far along
We dance, like songs
In time’s good time
How far we find we’ve come
Only to find ourselves
Loud, laughing again

© 2014 S.Michaels
Light Years

image: hdwallpapercorner.com

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

5 thoughts on “Atmosphere

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Be Blessed!


  2. I like this…was blessed by your words! God’s love to you!

  3. This is one I couldn’t skip over. Loved it!

  4. Beautiful evocative writing. You conjured old happy childhood memories of endless days of play and sun 🙂

  5. so pretty 🙂 lovely little verse 🙂

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