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Field Notes



I trudge in snow
a winding trail
a westerly wood
boomerangs to greet me
by the river’s icy edge
where a Japanese plum
will some day bloom
Again, the trail speaks
of metered hours to come
when by painterly eye
I shall retrace Spring
forsaking wintry sighs
In the silhouette of oaks
against a deepening sky
I shed cocoons of doubt
and believe in April

© 2014 S. Michaels

image: forwallpaper.com ‘spring thaw’

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

4 thoughts on “Field Notes

  1. Beautiful! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  2. Lovely juxtaposition between the heavy weight of winter and the “ozone lightness of spring”, underlined by the wonderful imagery — of “onerous white blankets” and “heavy cocoon” vs the music, “tinkling sound of ice melting”. I love the triumph of hope at the end of the poem.

  3. What an incredibly beautiful photo….purple glitter…..and your poem is so moving but in a soft steady gentle way. I love it 🙂

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