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Winter Moon


winter sun, goodfon.com
I trample frozen fields
ice mounds rocky underfoot
moonscape potholes
bewildering the naive
with nature’s tenacity
I am reluctant to cave in
drawing strength from my breath
matching the rise and fall
of Earth’s endurance
This wakeful winter air
rearranges compass points
the sun, like bubble gum
sticks pink to sky’s edge
Shrugging my shoulders
I catch the fading moon
And hear it laugh

©2014 S. Michaels

image: goodfon.com

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

3 thoughts on “Winter Moon

  1. I’m in love with your words here.
    They get better with each verse, pulling me deeper and deeper into your winter world. That last verse is stunning

  2. Beautiful and compelling imagery —“moonscape potholes”, “pink bubble gum”, “earth’s unchanging shoulders”, the latter being my favorite.

  3. Wondorous! One can get lost in the astonishing photo!

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