Cast Wide Your Nets

goodfon.comThe time has come to cast wide your nets.

The Lord is freeing you to move on in divine destiny. Move forward in faith. Look back no more at what might have been, as in days gone by. A season of fruitful vineyards is upon you. Rejoice and be glad!  Only yesterday, you felt weighed down. Today, the Lord removes from you every burden and releases upon you garments of praise.

Cast wide your nets, cast wide!

Move forward as the Spirit leads, in the adventuresome pathways of the Lord. The Lord goes before you. No longer will you stand idly on the shoreline. No longer will you feel separated from the Lord’s purposes and plans. For the Lord  is opening before you a divine and effective doorway, and in great love He is drawing you into a season of renewal. Yes, as He has promised, the Lord makes ALL things new.

From God’s Heart

One thought on “Cast Wide Your Nets

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. God indeed enables us not to give in but cast wide our nets and so changes our complaints for the fleshly being into the thanks for the light we drink freely. Your post enabled me to remind the eternal truths.


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