If only…


Winds chase autumn leaves
She’s stuck at a bus stop
The usual derelicts pass by
Asking for a hand out
She has nothing to give
But somewhere laughter lifts
Takes her to another place
A little richer than today
When love wasn’t hard to find

Making room now for the stroller
WalMart bags & stale fries
She whispers to her baby boy

Where’d you come from anyhow?
His child eyes ask a billion questions
“Don’t sleep yet!” she sighs

Texting words into outer space
Who knows when they last ate
But she dreams of tucking him in
Somewhere clean, warm, and good
In a world much less than perfect
Nothing matters whenever he smiles
As long as they’re together
She sings her lullabys

And asks her angel child
Where’d you come from anyhow?
His eyelids shut out a million secrets
“Please don’t sleep yet!” she pleads

Some day our dreams may come
Riding on a star or a prayer
If only, she believes
If only, we’d know when

Oh, baby, baby mine
I love you, I always will

© 2013 S. Michaels
Five Star Notebook

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