Darkening Sky

by Mukesh Mishra, wallpapergang.com
Perched, like a bluebird
Sky-blue fluffy hoodie
Windblown hair loosed
Flattened against plexiglass
She’s always riding the bus
Texting at red lights
Soaring through green
A girl in love with life
No worries, not like the guy
Next to her, all stringy hair
Mumbling to his walker
Too young to be so old
Jumbling nonsense words
A bluebird, broken-wing’d
Brown eyes. Gutter-black coat.
Is he crying or laughing?
She’s unsure, in his blue cap
He seems an echo of herself
And yet she is full of hope
Against a darkening sky
Dancing off into sunlight
The street guy’s face
Sticks with her, an enigma
Becoming a prayer

© 2013 S. Michaels
Green Light Diary

One thought on “Darkening Sky

  1. To be in love with life, against a darkening sky. This is the message, gift and hope that Christ gives. An abundant life in a world of tribulation, because He has overcome the world. What a wonderful, albeit subtle message, in your poem, Susan, which, to one who does not know, makes one wonder “how” and “why”, and hence leads to the seeking. Thank you for this beautiful poem.


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