Ae Braemar Prayer

Braemar Burn

Sparkl’n burn by Braemar wood
Tumbl’d stane upon grey stane
Thair, a lone lass waits an waits
Rememberin’ lang his last embrace
Blue eyes ablaze, ae stormy night
How she savour’d his last kiss
While snow fell lang upon blue hills
Own’ly heav’n ken he’d n’er return

Eff own’ly she’d tarry’d
Eff own’ly she’d begg’d
Eff own’ly he’d rest’d
Safe in her arms

Now she wonders, now she sighs
First a prayer, then a tear
Ae lone lass waits by Braemar wood
Wair a sparklin’ burn rushes
Wair her heart’s understood.

©2013 S. Michaels Alba Songs
Braemar rest

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