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Tae Luv Alba

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Dockside enroute to Iona, S. Michaels 2008

We wowk’d, an dinna speak, we listn’d, an we haird
How lone’ly wair auld Alba’s sighs, o’er silent centuries turn’d
Notch’d stanes an markers, as Alba sang her siren songs
Uv ages cum an g’own, unwritt’n tales an tunes
She sang uv lovers, an uv wars, uv dreams wich niver wair
Uv isles ow auld an worn, we listn’d, an we haird
Uv Alba’s kings, an croons, rugg’d tales uv workin’ men
Uv women an uv wee bairns, Alba sigh’d on res’less winds
Pluck’d tender’ly by her hands, she play’d her harp agin
Uv stars, uv whisper’d nights, uv stags upon great heights
Uv runnin’ streams, uv deer, uv clair n’rushin’ burns
We wair, we tho’t, made rich, by a journ’y we dinna earn
An lookin’ back alang thae way, we stole anither turn
Aroon’d her sweepin’ ramparts. we wax’d young, an dinna wane
Aye, we listn’d an we lairn’d, tae luv Alba as oor ane

© S. Michaels 2013
Alba Songs

Dunvegan Castle Tower, S. Michaels 2008

Author: LightWriters

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One thought on “Tae Luv Alba

  1. Very creative and another beautiful story! Thank you for sharing so much Susan. A blessing!

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