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Sunshine…by Larry K.



Anyone who visits this blog soon meets up with Larry, a street corner poet who often sets up ‘shop’ in a public square near my downtown neighbourhood. Larry suffers with drug-induced mental health issues. Raised in a Christian home, he ran away in his youth, lost his mind to drugs, then tried taking his own life by leaping from a 2nd floor Salvation Army hostel. In a wheelchair ever since,  Larry has come a long way. No longer unwashed and homeless, he lives on his own, surviving by means of a disability stipend and whatever cash he ends up getting for his poems. Larry also tells me he now attends a local Baptist church. He loves writing poems…you…pick the topic…Larry scrawls words. On this last long weekend of summer, the city was quiet. I was Larry’s first visitor. I noticed he’d come prepared to stay the day, with an umbrella strapped to his wheelchair and a rain slicker tucked away. Atop a heap of paraphernalia Larry somehow totes around, I notice a crumpled paper cup with a faded garden flower struggling to survive. Next to his wheelchair, stood something Larry’s quite proud of having retrieved from a garbage heap, a portable chess board/table set.

Here’s a poem Larry wrote for me today…


It is a cool day
and you cannot pay
the sun to shine
for that is in the hands
of the Divine
who makes rain and sun
to come on the just and unjust
just as we must follow the day
into night, and we depend
upon the sun’s light
sunshine is a blessing
and like everything
we cannot obtain
by our own power
when we get sunshine
instead of showers
we are blessed
for we cannot determine
what will be next
nor can we roll back
the clock, to the weather
that is now lost
to the passage of time.
So in the moment when
we are blessed with sunshine
or in the moment we are
blessed with rain or
any other thing…
thank the Divine
from whom all blessings flow
and know that life
is composed of both happiness
and sorrow, and we do not know
what may be tomorrow

Larry K.  August 5, 2013 A.D.

Author: LightWriters

Life. Faith. Wellness.

9 thoughts on “Sunshine…by Larry K.

  1. How beautiful, especially knowing a bit of Larry’s harrowing journey. Here is a soul who is living the gospel.

    • yes…I haven’t seen Larry in awhile…entrusting him to God’s keeping…

      • I was a friend of Larry when we were kids in Niverville. He and I used to hang out together. I haven’t seen him in almost 30 years. I would love to come and see him if he is still around. I still think about him after all these years. I wonder if he remembers me.

        • Isn’t that something…thanks for letting me know. I haven’t seen Larry in about a year…I will post another poem from him if and when I do. Larry has not forgotten me since we met in 2007 or so…I think he is likely to remember you. He’s been through much brokenness…but is in God’s tender keeping…

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Being my first time visiting your blog has been totally a blessing! I look forward to visiting again. 🙂

  3. Beautiful poem, I love it. Thank you Larry and may The Lord bless you

    Sent from my iPhone

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