A Truly Royal Baby


The King of all the Ages
Arrived from heaven to earth
Born in a dusty manger
No gilded place of worth.

No fine clothes to his name
Only a blanket roughly worn
No special favours awaiting
But a mother’s tender love.

Holding this amazing child
With awe and gentleness
Mary and Joseph beheld him dearly
Touched by his helplessness.

Angelic hosts rejoiced on high
Simple shepherds gathered near
All creation’s songs rang out
Loud sweet hosannas clear.

Crossing great continents wide
Three wise men of the earth
Followed an ancient directive
Seeking out a royal child’s birth.

Bowing low before the baby’s bed
Dressed in finest kingly robes
They laid rich gifts upon the straw
Of frankincense, myrhh, and gold.

Growing up in an obscure town
A humble carpenter’s son
Young Yeshua was full of wisdom
Astounding the religious, and everyone.

Then departing from his home
And calling poor fishermen his friends
He began an earthly ministry
Healing the sick and raising the dead.

And filled with the Spirit’s power
This King without a crown
In whom was found no sin or guile
Was chased from town to town.

No religious place or earthly kingdom
Seemed to welcome this Shepherd King
And wandering and working wonders
The Lord found no place to lay his head.

Labelled a criminal, and yet a King
He carried a cross to Golgotha
Dying for the sins of all mankind
Upon his last breath, all seemed lost.

Yet on a Sabbath morning bright
As women wept near his grave
The Lord appeared to them
Their King of Kings, alive!

Never an earthly baby in all of history
Though born in the most opulent of courts
Could compare to this truly royal baby
Jesus, Saviour…born right from heaven above.

He was also called Emmanuel
As prophets had long foretold
An Almighty King forever with us
His story shall never grow old.

© 2013 S. Michaels
Following God

As the world stands in awe of a baby born ‘king’ in Great Britain, I am reminded of the story of a truly royal baby…King Jesus… Prayers for William and Catherine’s new son, their royal baby, ‘George Alexander Louis’…that God’s joy and peace may be made known in his time.

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