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The Pursuit of Love


I like to share ‘reblog’s on weekends. Here’s a wonderful post from iwanttobelieveingod…


ephesians 3:19

I am in a constant pursuit of God, and with knowing that God is love, I pursue love constantly.  I am not satisfied with having less when I know by reading scripture that there is more.  The pursuit itself makes life worth living because it’s not just a pursuit…  it involves a lot of finding as well.

As I discover new facets of His love I am overwhelmed and amazed by His glory—which is His goodness.   His love never fails me and He is always faithful.  I know that sometimes we can throw around those words in a cliché type of way…  But it’s truth.  He really has never ever failed me.  I can say this about Him because I have not only read it in scripture but I have experienced it for myself and I continue to experience it.   It is this revelation that compels me to dig deeper…

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4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Love

  1. hi Susan, you’ve been nominated for some awards so please visit my site for the details. Congrats!

  2. Lovely post, Susan! Stay blessed!

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