Glenfinnan’s C’owl

Glenfinnan copyright 2008 SMichaels

Sae braw, sae fair n’flower’in
Entwine’d as sea wi’ land

Ae climb’d Glenfinnan’s t’oors
Tae stare wide an miles a’roond

An saw a’stride upon blue hills
All his’try silent n’ watchin’ still

Linger’in ‘en sunlight ow a’lown
Wi’ sea birds swoop’n ow a’rownd

Ae sound reach’d me, swee’ n’clear
An made me stop an list’n near

Wair it a cowl’in in me heart?
A cowl’in uv thae clans?

Ae drift’d on sech saint’ly heights
As tho’ reborn an’ sprout’in wings

Ae laugh’d a’lowd tae me own wee sowlf
And wonder’d where on earth I’d g’own

Way doon upon thae quiet shores
Ae haird once agin ae rushin’ roar

P’rhaps et wair ae fleet’in fancy
Methinks I’ll niver tru’ly ken

Sound’d mair ‘lik a ‘gather’in’ song
An ancient gather’in in thae glens

Ae cowl’in, cowl’in uv thae clans
Tae ‘mak thair wa’ ‘bak hame

© 2013 S. Michaels
Alba Songs

for Rod & Rob, the Garson twins – Happy ’50’

Glenfinnan twinsies
Twa Scotties a’ Glenfinnan, 2008 S. Michaels

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