Just DO it…


Hey!  What’s going on? You look a little bewildered. Have you lost something? Have dreams disappeared? Does life seem to be passing you by?

Stop right there. Take a deep breath. And start taking your dreams back! Lay them before God. Dreams may get robbed, but God,  the Author, Giver, and Fulfiller of all good and wonderful dreams, is the RESTORER of ALL things. He said it. Believe Him. God cares about your dreams.  Perhaps your faith’s been tested. Perhaps you seem to have fallen behind. Perhaps doubt or fear have held you captive. A burden of body, mind, spirit or substance might seem to be standing right in the way of your dreams. Then it’s time… to ask God to raise the level of your faith. It’s time to learn how to speak aloud to that burden or mountain – ‘Be moved! in Jesus Name.’

God’s kingdom is everlasting. Following Him means you have all of heaven’s incredible resources available. God has given people ‘authority’ in His Name. He has given the power of prayer and agreement in prayer. So no matter what things look like or how bad it may appear to be with ‘godly’ dreams being swept aside or trampled underfoot out in the world on a daily basis, get back on track and focus on God’s promises. Following God is about ‘laying hold’ of promises. That means people of faith are people of action and get involved with God, taking hold of His Word as an inheritance which is valuable beyond measure. God’s Word applied to our lives daily, brings heaven’s power into every situation. And God’s Word, unlike everything else…will NEVER pass away.

Always remember that following God is a ‘kingdom’ thing. Always remember that His Kingdom is not of this world, and therefore is not limited by this world or anything it.

Don’t ask, ‘Is it time?’ in your life for God’s dreams to come alive. It IS…TIME. It is time to trust God completely and to know that you know that you KNOW that with God on your side absolutely NOTHING is impossible! God  is a champion at removing the ‘im’ from impossible  (the ‘i am’, the reliance on ‘self’). He makes ALL things ‘possible’ for those who believe and take hold of the promises He has given, which are power-packed and which we can rely on 100%.

Do I hear any ‘alleluia’! shouts out there? Friends, THIS  is YOUR TIME. There won’t be another moment like it. You’ve been given all the support of God and of heaven you will ever need. You have received this moment, this time to give it your all. It’s God’s great gift. Use it! Get out there in faith and just DO it! Whatever dreams God’s given you,  don’t let the dust settle a moment longer. Put feet to your faith.

One more important note which someone once shared. It’s important… “If God hasn’t given you a ‘red’ or an ‘amber’ light along the road to your dreams, assume the light’s green and run the race. Go for it!

© 2013 S. Michaels Following God

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