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Larry’s Blessing

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If you’ve followed this blog for awhile you know about Larry. My street corner poet. Larry is in a wheel chair. He adds to a meagre disability pension by writing poems for a few bits of change, anything a passerby is willing to give. You name the topic. Larry writes. Larry also suffers with a mental health disorder which was brought on by rampant drug abuse in his youth when he led a lifestyle of unabashed corruption and pimping in Vancouver’s rough east side. It led him right to the edge of despair. After plunging from a 2nd story Salvation Army building with hopes of ending it all, Larry awoke to find he would be in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. A tragic life all around, but Larry doesn’t complain. Mostly he writes poems and often broken or jumbled words that somehow end up sounding profound.

I hadn’t seen Larry for awhile, but with Spring finally warming things up a little, I spotted him yesterday under a large golf umbrella which he had rather handily attached to his wheelchair, “Found it by a garbage can…” he explained rather proudly. “Just needed a few minor repairs.” The wide blue and green umbrella touted a  logo of some kind, with the rather out of place words ‘Palm Springs’. The cool day had brought driving rain. I peeked under the umbrella to say ‘hi’ and invited Larry to write me a poem…about…’Let me see, how about ‘Blessings’?’ I suggested, handing Larry a five dollar bill.

‘Thank you,’ Larry said politely, then rummaged through an impossible assortment of bags and backpacks he somehow hauls around with him and got writing. I said I’d catch him on my way back from getting some groceries. ‘Okay,’ he said.

I returned about 20 minutes later with a hot sandwich wrapped in foil from the grocery store deli counter, along with a couple of Mac apples and a Snickers bar. ‘Thank you,’ Larry said, as he handed me my poem. Larry’s often formal with his responses. He’s all about ‘doing business’. And as usual, his poem had something to say…something I had never really expected…about ‘blessings’…

Blessings   by Larry Peter Klippenstein April 29th 2013 A.D.

Blessings are thought of as things that are pleasant.
Blessings are not always things that make you happy or content.
And perhaps these are the most important blessings.

King Solomon spoke of those things which are pleasant or amusing, yet he gave more value to the house of mourning…

The faithful wounds of a friend…are a blessing…
An honourable enemy…is a blessing…
Rains in their season…are a blessing…
Winter cold which gives the land rest…is a blessing…
Summer heat which gives us the fruit of the ground…is a blessing…

The limits we may face which hold us back or bar us from injuring either ourselves or others…are a blessing…

The consequences of wrong choices which can serve to turn us back to truth…are a blessing…

Each of these is a blessing in spite of how we feel about them. The need they fulfill makes them a blessing whether or not we find comfort in them.

So, if one receives the chastisement of God, one receives the blessing…of children who God dearly loves and for whom He wants to provide a hope…and a future…

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One thought on “Larry’s Blessing

  1. What an amazing story. God bless you, Larry!

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