Opening Lines
Part of the miracle
And wonder of finding Nancy
Had been trusting his intuition.
Leaping off a cliff in blind faith.
Believing life could fall back
Float into place at last. Erase ‘past’.
Disappointments. He knew she knew.
Somehow. Seeing into his soul

Connecting, listening. Knowing.
Then parting. He promised to call.
Felt soft eyes burning through him
Knowing. It was most unlikely.

Guessing he was a man of rainy seasons
Roads of rhetoric. Storm-washed. Familiar.
All about reality checks and balances.
Nothing to do with her, he reasoned.
Or her inability to walk and run.

No. Something scarier. Knowing.
Even in that chair she’d soared
Had touched freedom and heights.
That her spirit kept pace with grace.
Something beyond him. Beyond the dark.

A peace that scared him half to death
But finally, when he’d dug up nerve.
And called the # on her business card
Dug out of the back of a desk drawer
# disconnected. Served him right.
Ahhh, yes.  He’d done it again.

Taken too much time. Analyzing.
Perfecting another flimsy house of cards.
Rebuilding a repertoire of opening lines
All the world a stage. And no one to talk to.

©2013 S. Michaels
Blank Canvas – Hugo & Nancy

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